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Picture: Jussi VirkkumaaPicture: Jussi Virkkumaa


Bojan Baric


tel. +358 500 642399

Visit of the Marionettes

"I’m not just fascinated by the fact that the puppets are old; it’s more that they bear the marks of living their lives. They are the result of something that’s required a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Their charm conceals centuries of product development."
-Bojan Baric, Teatterilehti magazine-

A Visit of the Marionettes presents a collection of circus artistes, dancers and musicians performing to musical accompaniment. The marionettes come to life on stage. Each gets its own moment in the spotlight, with music, dance, song and circus tricks.

The puppets in this performance are antique variety show marionettes. They were made by master puppeteer Josef Vitek, who is considered to be the Stradivarius of the puppet world. A Visit of the Marionettes honours the old Central European tradition of marionette theatre. There are only a few puppet artists in the world who perform with marionettes. 

For all ages, recommendation: over 3 years
Running time: 35 min.
Performance does not require a clear understanding of Finnish or another language

Director, puppet performance, script, lighting and music: Bojan Baric
Puppets: Josef Vitek