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Puppet Theatre Bags

Come to know easily and delightfully the enchantment of puppet theatre! Ready sets and fascinating theatre puppets are waiting for you in the Puppet Theatre Bags.


In the Rod Puppet Bag you`ll find a set of scenery and even 26 lively rod puppet figures: girls, boys, women of different ages – and even one wolf has got lost among them. There are also 13 sweet puppet babies in the bag.

The Table Theatre Bag consists of altogether 16 puppets: 12 figures of everyday life and trolls and elves. You can handle the puppets of the Table Theatre Bag on any kind of base.

The Sleeping Beauty Bag consists of all the most essential figures of a classic fairy tale: four fairies, princess, prince, king, queen and a dragon.

The People of the Bible bag includes Jesus and his contemporaries: 14 characters of various ages, a herd of sheep and a wonderful palm oasis to act as a set. The bag is designed especially for use in Christian congregations.

Recommendation: to nurseries, preschools, school classes and clubs. The bags also serve as inspiring educational tools in everyday school life.

Lease: minimum 1 week

Implementation of the bags:
Rod Puppet, People of the Bible and Table Theatre Bags: Rainer Kaunisto
The Sleeping Beauty Bag: Päivi Vallin